UIB and UON Singapore launch Smart Facilities Management white paper

Examining where the PropTech industry stands today, the issues it faces post-COVID-19, and the solutions it’s taking to address them, the paper shows how Smart Facilities Management leverages the Internet of Things’ ability to gather information and contactlessly control connected systems and devices and Artificial Intelligence’s ability to drive efficiency and optimization.

Singapore (May 14, 2020) — Conversational AIoT company UIB and University of Newcastle (UON) Singapore today announced the publication of their joint white paper on smart facilities management. The paper examines where the industry stands today, the issues it faces post-COVID19, and the solutions it’s taking to address them. Citing examples including the Singapore ArtScience Museum, the Singapore Biopolis, and Jewel at Singapore Changi Airport, the paper shows how Smart Facilities Management (FCM) leverages the Internet of Things’ (IoT’s) ability to gather information and contactlessly control connected systems and devices and Artificial Intelligence’s (AI’s) ability to drive efficiency and optimization.

UIB CMO Ken Herron said, “The building industry, including real estate, construction, and property management, has never before experienced such a period of increasingly rapid, technology-fueled change. We need conversational AIoT to meet investors’ demands for ROI, tenants’ expectations for affordability and amenities, and governments’ and citizens’ requirements for health, safety, and sustainability.”

UON Singapore Academic Director Dr. Kavitha Palaniappan added, “Targeting all stakeholders involved in FCM, this paper is an urgent call to action to our peers in the Property Tech industry to understand and leverage how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) — AIoT — make FCM “smart” and help us to achieve our multiple stakeholders’ goals and objectives. After reading this paper, people will be able to look at the industry from a holistic perspective and see how AIoT not only securely integrates solutions at a low cost but brings Smart FCM to everyone in the building!”

Concluded Herron, “History has repeatedly shown us that disruptive technology like conversational AIoT will create more new jobs — including jobs in completely new areas — than it eliminates. The payback comes not just from automating what is currently being done today by humans but automating what cannot be done today by humans. We have entered the golden age of collaboration between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence (HI) and are seeing the ROI every day in Smart FCM solutions.”

The joint UIB and UON Singapore white paper is available through conversational AIoT on the UIB website at http://www.uib.ai/whitepapers.



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The University of Newcastle is consistently ranked within Australia’s top 10 universities. It is a research-intensive university and a leading contributor to research in Australia and the world. Across many discipline areas, UON researchers are making discoveries that offer solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges. The University is ranked top 8 in Australia for research “well above world standard” by Excellence in Research Australia, 2018 and is currently ranked 207th in the world by QS World University Rankings.

UON Singapore was established in 2006 as a wholly-owned entity of the University of Newcastle and is the international footprint of the University in the Asian region. UON Singapore has continued to deliver and expand both its full-time and part-time programs in the fields of Engineering, IT, Communications, Business, Construction Management, Environment and Health. The UON Singapore delivers the highest quality in everything and has graduated about 5000 graduates from 39 countries.

UON Singapore’s strong partnerships with leading local institutions have provided its diverse range of local and international students access to a broad variety of professional networks when they graduate. UON Singapore focuses on enriching and developing the community through mutually beneficial activities that add value to the teaching, learning and research activities of the University. It continues to undertake initiatives to ensure that its graduates possess the future skills, knowledge, competencies, and attitude to meet and exceed stakeholders’ expectations in an increasingly globalized world.

Researchers in UON Singapore engage in innovative and high-impact research with world-class organizations and institutions in the Singapore region and across the globe. UON Singapore’s research activities are enhanced by well-developed collaborative initiatives with industry, public and private institutions, and the wider community.


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