UIB opens new European headquarters in Remstal, the Silicon Valley of Germany

Intelligent IoT messaging company launches Innovation Day event as part of its ongoing global expansion

Winterbach, Remstal (January 23, 2018) — Unified Inbox GmbH (UIB) today announced the opening of its new connected office and smart technologies executive briefing center in Winterbach, Germany with an Innovation Day event showcasing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

UIB opened the office after partnering with Europe-based global manufacturing brands ahead of other announcements to enter new markets in Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region.

The new office hosts an integrated AI and IoT executive briefing center and product showcases to display world-leading smart home and smart city applications, and displays successfully implemented Industry 4.0 strategies for digital transformation of enterprises. The interactive demos include cameras, lights, and other smart devices which can be operated with natural language text and voice messaging through UIB’s patented UnificationEngine intelligent IoT messaging platform (http://demo.unifiedinbox.com). Connected products can be operated through text and voice messages sent via SMS, chat, and social media channels including WhatsApp, Telegram, Threema, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and many others — without needing to download another app or purchase a voice-activated speaker.

Said UIB Group CEO and Founder Toby Ruckert in an interview, “‘Made in Germany’ represents an instantly recognizable global seal of quality in conjunction with efficiency and precision. Made in Germany provides UIB with a strong competitive advantage in all of our international markets. Our new office shows UIB’s ongoing commitment to Germany and other European markets where we experienced significant customer growth in 2017.”

UIB’s new European headquarters are located in the Rems valley, in Winterbach, 27 km (17 miles) outside the Baden-Württemberg capital of Stuttgart. This “Swabian Silicon Valley” is at the heart of intellectual property development of the German Mittelstand, industry 4.0 business transformation (“Digitalisierung”), and design thinking-focused product design.

Sven Müller, Mayor of Winterbach added, “The southern part of Germany is full of so-called “Hidden Champions” and is famous for its world-leading ingenuity, creativity, and technological leadership. Greater Stuttgart has some of the highest numbers of patent filings in Europe and is rich with inventors — including Gottlieb Daimler of Schorndorf who invented the world’s first successful high-speed internal-combustion engine. I’m therefore very happy to welcome UIB as a highly innovative and emerging enterprise in Winterbach and the region.”

UIB was recently invited to join the Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC), the premier business development association for the IoT ecosystem whose mission is to ignite the growth of the global IoT marketplace by leading the industry’s efforts in promoting adoption of IoT products and services, strategic partnerships, and marketplace knowledge sharing.

The opening event for UIB’s Germany office goes in hand with the launch of UIB’s Innovation Day, and will take place on Friday, February 2, 2018 from 14:30 - 17:30 CET, with local dignitaries, business leaders, industry analysts, technology influencers, and members of the press scheduled to attend.


About UIB

What if you could chat with your “things” as easily as you chat with your friends?

Unified Inbox (UIB) is a global intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) messaging company focused on inventing new technologies for smart homes, smart cities, and smart enterprise (including Industry 4.0).

With operations in Singapore, New Zealand, the UAE, India, Europe, and the US, UIB’s UnificationEngine platform brings together Artificial Intelligence with IoT and unified messaging to enable people to voice and text message their chatbots and things as easily as they message their friends, on the communications channels they use most — and without the need for additional apps or external hardware!

UIB. Simply Communicate.

Learn more about UIB now at unifiedinbox.com, try out UIB’s UnificationEngine™ for yourself at demo.unifiedbox.com, and download UIB’s newest white paper at unifiedinbox.com/whitepapers.


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About UIB

We make human to machine communications simple.

Named a Gartner “Cool Vendor,” UIB innovates and builds Unified Communications (UC), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) platform technologies. Owning the entire, IP-protected messaging + AI + IoT technology stack, all of our intelligence and data can be hosted on-premise and/or in the cloud. UIB customers can use natural language text and voice on 30+ platforms (including social media chat and messaging apps, smart speakers, VirtualHumans™, and robots); on any underlying AI/API (including IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and open-source NLP/NLU and voice recognition platforms); with complete control, ownership, and access of content, context, and conversational data and analytics.

Learn more about UIB now at www.uib.ai and try out UIB’s UnificationEngine for yourself at www.uib.ai/smartcontact!