du and UIB collaborate to introduce region’s first single solution for telecom customers using AI

In line with its partnership with Dubai Future Accelerators, du is working with UIB to bring its Artificial Intelligence-powered messaging platform to life as a single solution for their customer service, smart home/office, and smart city communications

(Dubai, UAE, 15 November 2017) du and Unified Inbox (UIB) announced their strategic partnership to bring to the UAE market a new, convenient, and secure way for users to communicate with du and everything meaningful in their daily lives without downloading another app or using a separate web-based service. The announcement was made during GITEX 2017, the Middle East’s largest ICT show which brings together technology leaders from around the world. It is in line with du’s long-standing association with the Dubai Future Accelerators.

Samer Geissah, Vice President, Innovation at du said: “Our association with the Dubai Future Accelerators gives us the agility to bring innovative solutions to our customers today. In line with the recent UAE Artificial Intelligence strategy made by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, we are already able to support our government in its Vision for 2021 and beyond.”

The benefits of working with the DFA are many-fold. Under the directive of the UAE leadershipthe DFA fosters innovation and collaboration at its incubation centre in Emirates Towers to ensure that we resolve the issues we face more efficiently. The association with DFA has enabled du to further its investment in the entrepreneur community and facilitate a knowledge sharing environment, putting innovation into action in the UAE.

In line with this association, the partnership between du and UIB will integrate UIB’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) messaging capabilities in du’s network, allowing users to benefit from UIB’s UnificationEngine™, an AI-powered Internet of Things (IoT) messaging platform. Customers will not only be able to communicate with du’s customer care and services but can eventually also control the devices in their smart homes and offices via simple text and/or voice messaging on the channels of their choice including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, WeChat, and many others.

UIB’s ability to enable communications with customers in natural language text and voice messaging will provide a simple way for users to access all of their IoT devices. The service will have significant applications and benefits for du’s enterprise customers who will be able to control their smart industries, smart manufacturing equipment, and their smart offices via a single contact in their smartphones. It facilitates ease of control and simplicity for du’s enterprise customers and also reduces costs and increases productivity.

Another exciting feature of this technology will be the option for customers to avail various offers based on their location/time or on demand by simply chatting with du like you communicate with a friend. The service will be available in English and Arabic with the option of adding more languages in the future.

UIB was recently selected to participate in Dubai Future Accelerators’ third cohort, where it is working directly with du and alongside other government bodies. The partnership brings the newest intelligent IoT messaging technology to the region already leading the world in its introduction of innovative and disruptive telecommunications services.

Geissah added: “We are excited to be the first ones to introduce this revolutionary technology in the UAE which will help both our individual and enterprise customers. Our vision is to allow customers to ask us anything through their preferred way of communications such as WhatsApp, and together with UIB, it will become a reality for our users to communicate with us and also control their smart devices via simple messaging in their preferred platform and language.”

Using AI with Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), UIB will be developing a dedicated assistant for du’s customers that will cater to all their needs. The choice of channel and language, whether text or voice, along with no need for a separate app will save time, increase loyalty, and most importantly, build “conversational relationships” with du’s customers. These conversations will allow du to better understand customers’ needs and requirements, building upon the warm relationships du enjoys with its customers. For example, as WhatsApp is already an essential part of customers’ daily lives and is used to communicate with colleagues, friends, family members, and even customers, bringing all of the users’ communications needs into a single contact on WhatsApp will bring them one step closer to du.

UIB CEO Toby Ruckert added, “We are very happy to be working with du, one of the world’s most innovative and customer-oriented consumer and business brands. We will be working very hard to ensure du’s customers are able to enjoy easy access to all of their services and devices without the need for separate apps, calls, or web services. Our focus is to enable du’s customers to chat with du as easily as they chat with their friends, on their favorite social media, messaging, and chat platforms.”


About Unified Inbox

What if you could chat with your “things” as easily as you chat with your friends?

Unified Inbox is a global intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) messaging company focused on inventing new technologies for smart homes, smart cities, and smart enterprise (including Industry 4.0).

With operations in Singapore, New Zealand, the UAE, India, Europe, and the US, Unified Inbox’s UnificationEngine™ platform brings together Artificial Intelligence with IoT and unified messaging to enable people to voice and text message their chatbots and things as easily as they message their friends, on the communications channels they use most — and without the need for additional apps or external hardware!

Unified Inbox. Simply Communicate.

Learn more about Unified Inbox now at http://UnifiedInbox.com.

For further information on Unified Inbox, please contact Mr. Gulraiz Khalid Khan at Tel: +971 (0) 50 4116915; email: pr@unifiedinbox.com or gulraiz.khalid@unifiedinbox.com.

About du

du is a vibrant and multiple award-winning telecommunications service provider serving 9 million individual customers with its mobile, fixedline, broadband internet, and Home services over its 4G LTE network. du also caters to over 100,000 UAE businesses with its vast range of ICT and managed services. Since its launch in 2007, du has many UAE firsts to its credit, including introduction of Pay by the Second® billing system, IPTV and self-service portal.

du is ideally placed to support the realisation of UAE Vision 2021 and transformation of Dubai into a Smart City. du is also the official strategic partner of the Smart Dubai Office and the platform provider for Smart Dubai. Following the successful testing of the Middle East’s first Internet of Things (IoT) network, du is on course to complete deployment of its IoT network in 2016.

Brand Finance ranked du as the 12th most valuable brand in the Middle East in 2016. du previously won the coveted Brand of the year title by Superbrands Middle East in 2013. The company has been recognised with several other awards such as ISO 27001 certification of Managed Security Services and having the distinction of opening UAE’s first LEED Platinum Certified Green Shop. du also has the unique distinction of the first telecom in the world to release Sustainability Report based  on GRI-G4 guidelines in 2014. du is also credited with du’s world-class teleport is the largest of its kind in the Middle East and ranked among the top teleports in the world by World teleport Association.

du is 39.5 percent owned by Emirates Investment Authority, 19.75 percent by Mubadala Development Company PJSC, 19.5 percent by Emirates Communications and Technology LLC and the remaining by public shareholders. Listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM), the company trades under the name ‘du’.

For further information on du, please contact Mr. Saugat Chatterjee, PR Lead (B2B), Commercial, du on +971 55 936 7045 or saugat.chatterjee@du.ae

Appendix 1: Images

Image: du and UIB logo

Photo: Samer Geissah, Vice President, Innovation at du

Photo: Toby Ruckert, Founder & CEO, UIB

Image: UnificationEngine™ and du assistant architecture

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About UIB

UIB makes human-to-machine communications as simple and as natural as human-to-human communications. UIB created the world’s first and only, patented, fully-owned, end-to-end multi-channel conversational AI platform that serves as a universal translator and enables communications with any device or person independent of the language and underlying platform.

UIB’s Independent Software Vendor (ISVs), chatbot builder, and solution developer partners use our APIs to access messaging channels and software communication platforms. With our APIs, they build solutions for transactional and A2P messaging, notifications and alerts, chatbots, virtual assistants, and other conversational user interfaces (including smart speakers, AR/VR, voice, and video). UIB works directly with each platform owner (i.e., we onboard our partners as official WhatsApp Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)). Our 50+ connected platforms include WhatsApp (UIB is a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP)), Apple Messages for Business (UIB is an Apple MSP), Google’s Business Messages (UIB is a Google MSP), and many more, including integrations into Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Cisco eGain, and many others.

Chat with Gartner Cool Vendor and Aragon Research Hot Vendor™ UIB’s multi-patented technology now on our website at uib.ai. Watch our demos on YouTube. And email UIB today at info@uib.ai to connect with your local reseller partner and learn how UIB’s H2X® multi-conversational AI platform powers conversational solutions and interfaces to make communications simple!