UIB UnificationEngine Now Available on the IBM Cloud

Unified Inbox UnificationEngine™ Intelligent IoT Messaging Platform Is Now Available Globally on the IBM Cloud

Singapore (July 25, 2017) – Unified Inbox Pte. Ltd. (UIB) today announced the global availability of UnificationEngine intelligent IoT messaging platform on the IBM Cloud. With UnificationEngine, people can chat using voice and text with their smart devices as easily as they chat with their friends.

Using voice and text messaging to remotely control and receive alerts and notifications from their smart home, smart enterprise, and smart city devices, users can communicate in natural language on over 20 different communications channels, including SMS, email, and the most popular global social media, messaging, and chat platforms, without the need for a separate app. UnificationEngine is the newest technology on the IBM Cloud to help developers integrate high-performance cloud services into their IT environments.

Bosch is one of the leading innovative companies that has started to integrate the UnificationEngine into its products. Speaking about UnificationEngine on the IBM Cloud, Michael Goh, Bosch’s Director of Smart Connected Solutions (Southeast Asia) said, “As a global supplier of technology and services, Bosch has developed a unique integration of UnificationEngine into our surveillance cameras. Leveraging UnificationEngine’s unified API, our surveillance cameras can communicate with users like security officers via text messaging and videos to provide them with real-time information. Users are therefore able to access a situation beforehand and plan the best course of action to address specific security situations."

Goh added, "Authorized users can also effectively monitor crowd movements, such as queue build-ups. Using voice command or text messages, they can retrieve images and video footage from any point in time on any communications platform – be it SMS, social media or messaging apps."

UIB CEO Toby Ruckert concluded, “We’re excited to have the security, interoperability, and convenience of UnificationEngine now be available globally to users, developers, and manufacturers through the IBM Cloud catalog. Because UnificationEngine scales with smart home, enterprise, and city solutions to make IoT solutions both frictionless and fun, we can’t wait to see what existing users like Bosch and new IBM Cloud users will create!”

To integrate your application with UnificationEngine, simply:

1: Register as a developer;

2: Enter your app’s name;

3: Add a connector;

4: Create a user;

5: Add a connection; and

6: Send your first UnificationEngine message.

For detailed instructions and to download UnificationEngine, go to the IBM Cloud catalog on https://console.bluemix.net/catalog/services/unificationengine. And to create a UnificationEngine developer account, go to the UnificationEngine Developer Portal on https://developer.unificationengine.com.


About Unified Inbox

What if you could chat with your “things” as easily as you chat with your friends?

Unified Inbox is a global intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) messaging company focused on inventing innovative new technologies for smart homes, smart cities, and smart enterprise (including Industry 4.0).

With operations in Singapore, New Zealand, the UAE, India, Europe, and the US, Unified Inbox’s UnificationEngine™ platform brings together Artificial Intelligence with IoT and unified messaging to enable people to voice and text message their things as easily as they message their friends, on the communications channels they use most — and without the need for an additional app!

Unified Inbox. Simply Communicate.

Learn more about Unified Inbox now at http://UnifiedInbox.com.

Issued by: Unified Inbox Pte. Ltd.

For further information on Unified Inbox, please contact Ms. Nush Khan at Tel: (65) 6871-4035;

email: pr@unifiedinbox.com or nush.khan@unifiedinbox.com.


UIB UnificationEngine Listing on the IBM Cloud Catalog

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UIB UnificationEngine Architecture

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About UIB

We make human to machine communications simple.

Named a Gartner “Cool Vendor,” UIB innovates and builds Unified Communications (UC), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) platform technologies. Owning the entire, IP-protected messaging + AI + IoT technology stack, all of our intelligence and data can be hosted on-premise and/or in the cloud. UIB customers can use natural language text and voice on 30+ platforms (including social media chat and messaging apps, smart speakers, VirtualHumans™, and robots); on any underlying AI/API (including IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and open-source NLP/NLU and voice recognition platforms); with complete control, ownership, and access of content, context, and conversational data and analytics.

Learn more about UIB now at www.uib.ai and try out UIB’s UnificationEngine for yourself at www.uib.ai/smartcontact!